Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation Services

Digital History Canada offers several services to help your museum, archive, historical society, or community group showcase your collections online and build your web presence.

Digital Collections Consulting

At Digital History Canada, we are familiar with digitizing postcards, photographs, documents and maps and exhibiting those digital collections to the public. Our digital collections consulting services are perfect for…

  • Organizations that are just beginning to digitize their collections or starting a new digitization project
  • Organizations with a digitized collection that is not yet accessible to the public
  • Organizations with public catalogues that are difficult for users to navigate or staff to maintain and update
  • Organizations undertaking unique digitization and exhibition projects, such as digitizing paper maps or objects

Consultation sessions are priced at $15 per half hour. Email for more information or to book a session.

Collections Management System Setup and Managed Hosting

Our knowledge of Linux and web hosting allows Digital History Canada to host open source archival software for collections management and exhibition. We can set up, host, and maintain instances of Omeka, Access to Memory, and most other open source collections management systems.

If you are interested in bundling Omeka with the Local History Atlas, pricing is indicated on the Local History Atlas page.

If you are interested in a standalone instance of Omeka, Access to Memory, or another open source software, email us at

WordPress Hosting

We can set up and host your WordPress website. If you are interested in WordPress hosting, email

Publishing Support Services

If your museum, archive, or historical society is planning on publishing or re-publishing a book, we can help you improve the appearance/readability of your book, reduce print costs, and reach a broader audience by publishing it in print or e-book form with Amazon Kindle. For more information, email

Video Production Services

Is your museum, archive, or historical society interested in producing a local history video or documentary to increase public engagement? Digital History Canada can take your video clips, photographs, and audio and turn it into a professional and engaging video or documentary. Optionally, we can feature your video on the Local History Atlas and our social media pages to increase its exposure. For more information, email