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We help museums exhibit their collections online.

At Digital History Canada, we offer a variety of services to make it easier for your museum, archives, or historical society exhibit its collections online. Our digital transformation consulting will help you develop a time and cost-effective strategy to digitize your museum’s collection and get the public excited about your area’s history. Our Local History Atlas platform provides an engaging, user-friendly way to exhibit and map and exhibit your museum’s collection and your area’s history starting at only $5 per month. Our web hosting and technical support solutions allow you to work with open source collections management systems and other museum and archival software without knowing how to code or use Linux. No matter what stage your museum is at in its digital transformation, Digital History Canada can help your museum, archives, or historical society showcase its amazing collections to the public.

Why exhibit your collections online?

COVID-19 has shown us that online collections, exhibits, and events are important tools that museums and archives can use to fulfill their mandates. Some benefits of a digital approach include…

  • Ability for the public to explore all of a museum’s collections, rather than the limited amount on display in exhibits
  • 24/7 access to collections, allowing patrons to learn, experience, and research at their convenience
  • Ability to reach, engage, and collect donations from a wider audience, such as individuals who grew up in the area but now live elsewhere
  • Ability to solicit information from the public, allowing you to learn more about your collection from local knowledge-holders

Map your museum using the Local History Atlas.

Digital History Canada’s mission is to allow the public to discover and explore Canada’s history through our country’s rich and storied museum and archival collections. Through our Local History Atlas platform, Canadian museums, archives, historical societies, architectural heritage groups, and individuals can map out their photograph and postcard collections, historical map collections historical video and audio, heritage buildings, historical events, plaques, and more so that members of the public can discover their area’s history. Competitively priced plans mean that our platform is affordable and practical for smaller museums, archives, and community groups, making it easy to get started.

Services to help your museum go digital.

Digital History Canada is here to help your museum, archive, or historical society go digital with useful services including…

  • Competitively-priced web hosting and management, including for top open-source collections management systems (Omeka or Access to Memory) and your organization’s website
  • Digital transformation consulting that will help your museum or archive save time and money making your collections accessible to the public
  • Publishing support services to improve the appearance of your museum’s local history books and help them reach a wider audience in both book and e-book form
  • Videography services, to help you tell your locale’s story

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